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Why Bother Sharing Jesus?
  • Why Bother Sharing Jesus?
  • Why Bother Knowing Jesus?
  • Why Bother Follow Jesus?

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Sermon Podcast
Nov 13, 2017
What is the greatest commandment? What does it look like to live out Biblical love?
Nov 8, 2017
Do you talk to others about Jesus? Do you find it hard to share your faith?
Nov 2, 2017
If relationship with Jesus requires brokenness, why would anyone want closeness with Him?
Nov 2, 2017
With so many options available why would anyone make a decision to follow a Jewish guy who lived 2,000 years ago?  How does He offer anything relevant to my life today? 
Oct 22, 2017
Has God ever made you part of a team to accomplish His work? How has God used a team of people in your life and the lives of others around you? How might God be calling you to be part of a team?
Oct 22, 2017
Does prayer have anything to do with evangelism? How is your prayer life impacting your witness?
Oct 2, 2017
As you walk in relationship with others how do you love in His name? Show mercy in His name? Excercise kindness in His name? What does it look like to have Christ centered relationships?
Sep 27, 2017

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